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HARARE – Davipel Holdings managing director Davison Norupiri was awarded the 21st edition Southern Africa Ernst and Young entrepreneur of the year award yesterday.

The former Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president emerged victorious in the exceptional category to walk away with the coveted prize after completing rigorous interviews and scrutiny from a final shortlist of four individual entrepreneurs that consisted of three South Africans.

Upon receiving the award Davipel Holdings group MD Davison Norupiri urged entrepreneurs to find ways and soldier on along the government’s vision to achieve solid results in the future.

“I know we are going through difficult times as a country but this is not the time to wind off your businesses instead its time of encouragement it’s just a season which will pass , let’s support the authorities and tour the road of national vision together,” said Norupiri.

Ernst and Young partner Advisory Services Nqaba Mkwananzi implored Zimbabwean entrepreneurs to be strong in these adverse times as hard work will always pay up acknowledging Norupiri success as phenomenal considering the environment he runs his business.

“The award we are talking about here is Southern Africa encompassing ten countries from SADC incorporating Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

“They nominate the successful entrepreneur within their country and submit that centrally to South Africa and go through a serious check.

“Despite our challenges here in Zimbabwe he won the award beating some other nominees from South Africa, so it’s possible to excel in this environment that many people are actually mourning about,” said Mr Mkwananzi.

He highlighted that the program was Ernst and Young’s way of giving back at this same time nurturing small entrepreneurs to become big businesses of tomorrow bearing in mind that Zimbabwe’s economy has the second highest percentage of small to medium enterprises.
Divine Ndlukhula of Securico is one of the notable winners of the award over the last four years, a recognition that has undoubtedly changed the outlook of her entrepreneurship.

The program’s intent is to recognize entrepreneurs who have consistently demonstrated excellence in their operations, while providing them the platform to connect globally with other entrepreneurs and markets.

This year’s awards ceremony was held in Sandton, Johannesburg on 29 November.

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